Reviews of Freer Farm Kennels and Cattery

Luxury Boarding Kennels and Cattery in Surrey

At Freer Farm situated in Surrey and within easy travelling distance of South London, the owners and all the staff are dedicated Animal Lovers so please read our reviews and rest assured that your pet will enjoy their stay with us, to the point that they might not want to leave !!!

“My dog has been going here for 12 1/2 years. She loves going there & is very well looked after. All the staff are very friendly helpful & caring. I feel happy at going away as she will be looked after as well as if she were at home.”

“In my opinion this is the best cattery around! My cat is a very nervous little thing but he loves the attention and cuddles he gets from all the lovely staff! Every penny of the fee is a penny well spent! I definitely recommend this place to everyone… “

“I was recommended by a friend to try Freer Farm. It cost me 50 pence a day more than the previous kennels I left my pets at. That was the best 50 pence I have spent. When I went to pick up my pets, my cat was asleep on a bed in a centrally heated cattery and my dog tried to pull back into the kennels when we were walking out to the car. My cat had actually been given her medication, unlike when she stayed at the other . I will book my animals in before I book my holiday from now on to make sure they have a vacancy, as I don’t think I would be happy to leave them anywhere else. If I move away from the area I would make sure I traveled from Gatwick on my holiday so I could go back there.”

“My dogs have been going to freer farm for years and i have to say they love it there… They always come home happy and the groomer there does an amazing job so they come home smelling and looking lovely.. The staff and caring and friendly and they are great at giving advice about your pets. My dog was very allergic to lots of foods and i was at my wits end on what to feed him so i spoke to the kennels when i dropped them of and they said they would try all the different types food to see what it was best while i was away. Well i went to pick them up to find that they had found the right diet that worked and it was amazing to see his skin becoming much better by the time i picked them up and hes still on it and doing amazing so i thank the guys at freer farm and keep up the good work.”

“It’s clean, efficient and the animals love it there. Also it is evident that the owners care a lot for the animals as the living areas look well looked after and managed and so this is surely one of the best.”

“We were anxious about putting our animals into kennels whilst away on holiday. Met by friendly staff, we accompanied our animals to their various areas where they would be staying. The cats to a little cosy indoor cattery with central heating and their own proper Childrens bed! Complete with blankets which my cats spent most of the time under, music and net curtains at the windows. Our dogs had a large secure pen with a heat lamp over their bed, with direct access to an outdoor area. When we collected the animals, they were well turned out; the dogs had even been brushed and smelt better than when they went in! Since the initial stay in the kennels, all the animals, as far as you can ever tell, enjoy their stay. The whole experience of leaving your animals in someone else’s hands is now not an issue. The boarding cost was reasonable for the area, but we felt it was excellent value for money giving us peace of mind whilst away. We would recommend these kennels on to anyone. “